Tan out of Ten! Tan Thursdays!

Hey Lovelies,

I thought I’d do a quick little post today about some new Tanning products I’ve been using recently, because they have been so bloody great, I thought I’d share them with you all!!

Tan out of Ten- Is a self tanning range from Technic Cosmetics and they create some really great tanning products!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the Self Tan Lotion in dark- LINK HERE Now I’ve never used Lotion, as I usually use foam but it so easy to apply and makes my skin so so smooth!! I found it worked really well and gave me a soft glow or if I left it on overnight I found it barely stained my bedding and the tan was such a perfect colour!

I also have been using the Instant Tan Shimmer- LINK HERE and oh my goodness!!!!! So much sparkle! It is honestly the most perfect instant tan, that gives you an amazing shine! I couldn’t recommend it more!

Heres a few little photos of the tan outcomes!! Who doesn’t love an affordable and amazing tan!

Love, India Moon.



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