Social Media and Living in the moment.


Hey lovelies,

I wanted to share a little post about ways of helping yourself not getting sucked in to the negative side of the social media world. Whether we are aware of it or not, looking through peoples photos and snippets of their lives can impact our self esteem. The more assumptions and judgments we make, the more it bleeds into our self-confidence. Everyone is a  creative, beautiful human being in their own right, with so many incredible unique personalities. I’m not saying Instagram isn’t amazing, as it’s a place to create your own portfolio of memories and photographs, and a platform to meet some incredible people. But it’s vital that we speak about some of these underlying issues- so we can help one another realise it’s not always the reality of everyone’s lives. We are lucky to be living our own unique life. Not making assumptions and comparing is extremely important when it comes to your health.

A few things that I’d recommend doing that I find helps me personally –

-Put your phone away when your walking and eating. You’ve got to focus on your surroundings and enjoy the moments you are in.

– You can choose who you follow. Don’t sit there strolling through people’s Instagrams feeling envious or thinking ‘he/she’s got this wow’ because even if you don’t think it is impacting you, it is. The effects of social media don’t leave when you put your phone down.

-Don’t check social media before bed. You need time to switch off and allow your body to relax before sleep. Studies say that it affects how we sleep, and I completely agree with this. Give yourself an hour to meditate, read, listen to music or just lay still.

YOU are all such wonderful unique people. Remember to treasure all the moments in your life, not other peoples. And I hope you don’t feel any of those things, but recently I have been. So thought I’d be honest and share a little about what’s been helping me.

We aren’t going to remember spending hours scrolling on Instagram, so make sure you spend your time focusing on exciting adventures, experiences and all the little moments.

Love, India Moon. 


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