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Hello lovelies,

Happy February! We made it through January!! Hope you are all having a lovely start to a new month.

I get asked quite often about what camera I use and and how I edit my photos so I thought I’d create this post today all about it!

I use the Olympus Pen EPL 8 with a 45mm lens and I swear by it. It took me a while to get use to but it is amazing. I’m a little in love with it. The quality of the images are great and its so easy to carry around everywhere. I do also have the 14-42mm lens but ever since I brought the 45mm lens I haven’t taken it off!

The one I brought I have linked HERE! but there are lots of places online you can find them, so it’s good to do your research!

Now for editing… I use three different apps to edit my photos. Firstly, I use AirBrush. This is free from the App Store.

I go into the app and click Magic. On here you can edit what you want added to the image. I tend to just use the brighten and smooth to create a smooth feel to my skin and the photograph. I sometimes add Skin Tone if the image is really dark it will also Brighten up the image, or if you want to look more orange you can darken the image also. It really depends what you want to do, as there is a lot you can mess around with on the app. I tend to only use this briefly and smooth the overall image, as I find it can sometimes make my images look really fake.

Before Image ^

When you click on ‘Magic’ ^ this is what comes up and you are able to edit what you’d like to add to your image. I sometimes add skin tone If I want to Brighten the image! But this can also add a tan!

Secondly, I use SnapSeed! I use this app to edit the brightness and contrast of the image. I go to Tools- Selective and highlight areas of the image I want to brighten, add contrast, saturation or structure to the image. I usually play around with this until I feel happy with the image and then I move onto VSCO.

Once in tools- you have all this choice! I sometimes use ‘Healing’ too if theres something like bird poo on a wall- which happens a lot!!

In ‘Selective’ you can click areas of the image and edit the Brightness, Contras, Saturation or Structure! ^

VSCO!! my favourite app of the lot. Which I’m sure most of you have heard of! You can use the free the free effects or you can search a pay for lots of different effects to add to your images. I use C1 on all my images and move up to 2.0%. I then add 0.5% contrast and depending on the image I add 0.2%-0.5% brightness!

So thats how I do it on all my Instagram Photos!!! Hopefully that was helpful and made sense- always feel free to message me with any questions you may have!!!

Before and After ^

Love, India Moon. 



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