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Today’s post is linked to my recent Instagram posts and video (LINK HERE) on my favourite Topshop jeans. I wanted to link a blog post into the mix, to give my thoughts on the styles, sizes and what I’d recommend! For those of you who don’t know, I used to work at Topshop full time for two years and I worked within the Denim Departed for 8 months. I have to say I absolutely loved working with denim. At first, I honestly hated shopping for jeans, trying on loads and getting all sweaty in the process- just no thanks! I just wouldn’t do it and I always stuck to my classics the Jonis (at the time).

So It was really nice to learn more about the styles and shapes over the course of 8 months. I started to get to know the fits and sizes and what to recommended to people. Although it seems pretty straight forward, because sizes are sizes, I honestly believe experimenting with the fits is a must when it comes to jeans. I wear different sizes in all my jeans and It is trial and error but hopefully with a few of my tips it can help you decide which pair to choose from the TopShop range. I am sharing my faves and what I would recommend regarding sizing.

I’ve used some photos from the Topshop website but my video of my favourite fits the Moms, Orson’s, Straight’s, Hayden, Joni’s and Jamie’s is LINKED HERE, along with the Topshop jean Guide. The perfect guide to finding your dream fit!

So let’s start with my number one favourite now…The Jamie’s!! High Waisted Ankle Grazers. A really nice flattering high rise, super skinny through the leg, narrow hem sits at ankle and high stretch! These are my go to! They have belt loops and pockets, so transitioning from Joni’s to this was so great, because I got obsessed with belts! In terms of sizing (I’m 5’2) and love rolling my jeans rather then having ankle grazers, so I sized up in the leg and wear a W25L32 (Size 8 waist). So depending on your preferences on the hem, I’d stay with L30 or L32-34 depending on how you’d like to style them! Jamie’s also come with a flare, so if you love a good flared jean these are gorgeous on! My best friend Pia, always wears the blue flared Jamie jeans with a pair of converse and a tee and it looks perfect!

Jamie Jeans.

Next the Joni’s- the classics everyone knows about! The jeans I wore to death in my teens. Joni’s are a super high waisted, super skinny fit, and the new power holding Joni’s have a power stretch technology (they feel amazing on and the quality is amazing)! With these I tend to go for a W26L30, again personal preference but I find the Joni’s super tight round my waist and sometimes found them too tight when sitting down, so went for a size up for comfort! Joni’s don’t have belt loops, but have pack pockets and are perfect jeans for the extra stretch and for the super high waisted look!

Joni Jeans
Joni Jeans

The Orson Jeans!! the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned! They are a high rise, slim fit through the leg with a wider hem at the ankle (usually a raw hem) and a low stretch denim. These feel like Denim!! If your not a fan of the extra stretch like the Jamie’s and Joni’s but love the high waist then Orson is the best option! They are slightly tighter round the thighs, so are a super flattering jean on your bum! The raw hem is my fave too as they look fab styled with a pair of boots. In terms of sizing I go for a W26L30 in these- I recommending trying these on and experimenting with sizing to see how they feel for you. My go to is always comfort, so I ignore the size tags and just see what works for me depending on the style!

Orson Jeans
Orson Jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans!! Looking for something a little less tight round your thighs and bum and that classic straight leg fit and button fly, then meet Straight!!! A high rise jean, with low stretch and super flattering again with a bit more extra.

Straight Leg
Straight Leg

Hayden jeans are the most perfect boyfriend styled jeans. They are a low rise, distressed, loose fit through the leg jean! I call them my comfort jeans!!! They are so so nice on, and paired with a chunky knit or jumper is my go to for casual dinners with friends. I personally recommended trying a size down from your regular sizing as myself and friends, have always found they can come up slightly bigger than the other styles.

Hayden Jeans
Hayden Jeans

Mom jeans high Rise, slim tapered, non stretch !! Now in all honestly I don’t know what changed but about a year ago, I never really liked wearing Mom jeans- I used to find it impossible to get them to fit over my legs, bum and then my waist all at the same time. But recently I decided to give them another go. And I fell in love with them. This time I went for a size up and decided to style them with belts to allow them to be the perfect fit and super comfy. Personally I prefer them sized up as it allows them to be a bit more of a comfortable fit.

Mom jeans: Neon Contrast Stitch. (Taken by Sarah Ellen Photography) Click here for the jeans!
Mom jeans.

Lucas! The Super soft babies!!! I recommend these to everyone who loves a low rise, but wants that super soft touch. They are such a gorgeous denim! They are a tapered fit through the leg and boyfriend style. Such a classic fit and just the perfect chill out jeans!

Lucas Jeans
Lucas Jeans

Now on to the Dree’s, the mid rise jeans that fit round the thigh and flare out below the knee into a nice flared cropped length jean. These are the jeans. I’m yet to own myself but I’m awaiting summer so I can get them out with a cute crop!

Dree Jean
Dree Jeans.

New Boyfriend Jeans!! Looking for the super classic fit boyfriend jeans, Authentic non- stretch denim (real denim feel), a loose fit straight through the leg. The perfect boyfriend jean, thats that slight bit more authentic than the straight leg jeans.

New Boyfriend.
New Boyfriend.

Baxter!! not many people know about these bad boys! last year, I wore my pair of Baxter’s to death!! They are a low rise, slim fit through the leg and a mid weight stretch which gives them that denim look but that super comfy feel. The bottoms of Baxter’s are slightly wider at the ankle which is perfect when wanting to style with a pair of boots, so the hem sits perfectly above the boot. These are the perfect low rise jeans that are also super flattering!!

Baxter Jeans.
Baxter Jeans.

Leigh jeans like the Lucas are that super soft material, they also have such a lovely stretch in them. If don’t fancy a high rise, or low rise, these are the perfect skinny mid-rise jeans! They are a super light weight denim. I tend to go for my normal sizing in these, as I find the light weight softness of them, allows them to stretch to the perfect fit. These are the jeans I highly recommend to my mum, as they are perfect for everyday wear and are just super comfy.

Leigh jeans.
Leigh Jeans.

So you like the idea of Leigh, being Mid rise but want a slightly less soft feel denim, then Sidney’s are another pair of Mid rise jeans that are a skinny fit and a super stretch denim! They just look like a slightly more authentic denim compared to the Leigh jeans in my opinion!

Sidney jeans.
Sidney Jeans.

They also stock wide leg, and cropped wide leg trousers which personally I’ve never tried out as I don’t feel they suit me, but are both an authentic non stretch denim with a high waist, which makes them the perfect and super flattering flared and cropped trousers!

Anyway, I hope this posts and the video helps regarding the different the fits in some way! I would highly recommend booking a personal shopping denim “try on” date, the service is free and gives you a nice environment to find out your dream denim fit!! I have to say my favourites would be the Jamie’s- my everyday “go to” black jean, the Moms- are just super comfy and I love the authenticity of the denim and the Orson Jeans- which are just super flattering and perfect for summer.

Let me know your favourites? If you have any questions, I will always attempt to answer them for you?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! Have the loveliest week!

Love, India Moon.


  1. Alexa
    April 19, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    Hi, can you tell me what size you are wearing in the “Mom jeans: Neon Contrast Stitch” please?

    • loveindiamoon
      July 22, 2019 / 3:18 pm

      Size W25L30 hun! Xxx

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