1. Water shoes. These are needed when you are walking from the boat towards most locations on the boat tours
  2. Money. On some of the day tours, money is needed to access one of the islands on Tour C and on Tour A, there were kayaks to use to paddle into the Big Lagoon for 250 pesos for us both. Which you don’t have to use but we wanted to kayak into the big lagoon rather than swim.
  3. Rash vest. when snorkelling it’s so hard not to burn so we highly recommend Water proof, sea safety suncream and a rash vest.  
  4. Towel. They offer small towels but they don’t dry easily on the boat so we’d recommend taking one of your own and having both for the day.
  5. Warm clothes and rain jacket. After a day on the boat, we found it got a bit rainy (we are here in rainy season) and cold, so having a dry shirt or jumper is ideal to have.
  6. Water in a flask or reusable bottle. No plastic is allowed on the boats (which is amazing) so just make sure you have your reusable bottle to fill up on the day.
  7. Motion Sickness tablets. Just incase! I didn’t need to take mine on these day tours but there is always a chance of it being a bit rocky! So always be prepared if you do tend to get motion sickness.
  8. Snorkel and Mask. Dependant on you: but if you have your own snorkel, mask and flippers then I’d recommend bringing them along with you! It’s fine to borrow them, however we found it’s unlikely you’ll find some that fit.

Hope that helps a little before any day tours you may venture on!! Have the best time!!

Love, India Moon.


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