Well hey there, welcome to my new blog ‘love, India Moon’ My names India, middle name Moon (hence the moon part) After debating different name ideas for what seems like forever, i finally brought myself to create my blog under this name, as I thought this one sounded the nicest. You should have heard some of the ones I nearly came up with…but I won’t go into that.

Seeing as this is my first ever blog, I thought I should tell you a little bit about myself! I’m 22 years old and living in the amazing sea side town Brighton, alongside studying film in London. I decided to start this blog, for a few reasons.. Mainly because I enjoy writing and feel like I don’t do it enough, and because I need a new focus and a little escape from my working life, so I can write about lots of things I love.

I also make up one member of Gloria and Moon photography, new project created with my close friend, Pia Gloria. Together, we aim to help up-and-coming bloggers/ creatives/ brands curate on-brand and relevant content for their social media platforms. This covers all fields including photography, styling, post-shoot editing and confidence in posing. However, Our aim isn’t limited to assisting in creating content. We also wish to help promote self-confidence and self-love. (Instagram: @GloriaMoonPhotography )

Love India Moon, will consist of my love for fashion, occasional little beauty, health and happy tips, my photography and a few traveling posts too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, hope you all enjoy!

Love, India Moon