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So it’s finally becoming all wintery and it’s starting to get freezing… I spend a lot of my time reminiscing about my summers, and recently decided to find some of my old travelling pictures. So, I thought I’d do a little post about my little adventure to the Gili Islands. I’m going to talk about some little fun tips about all three of these beautiful islands, just so I can talk and think about them a little bit longer…

I was lucky enough to travel around Indonesia with three of my close friends, and we decided that we had to experience all the Gili Islands! We headed by boat from Nusa Lembongan to Gili Trawangan, which is known as the more busy and party island out of the three! It’s Beautiful! We spent the afternoon looking for a place to stay which wasn’t hard as everyone at the boat port all offer loads of places to stay. As we were on a low budget we just settled for anywhere clean with a bed and shower, as we would spend most our time outside our room exploring anyway.

Gili T is so lovely, you can ride around the whole thing and the sun sets are one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible and of course they have the famous swings which you can sit on and watch the sun go down.

Theres also a turtle reservation so you can see all the little baby turtles the island look after to keep the population of turtles going.

After spending a few nights on Gili T on the beaches and drinking lots of Bintang (the beer there which is really good). We decided to do a day trip snorkelling to Gili Meno, we were told this was a quieter island with less noise and attractions and when we got there again it was so beautiful and very open with a few nice hotels. It seemed like a great place for a couples holiday however we wanted to stay somewhere with a bit more going on, so a day trip was just enough for us!

Then we went to Gili Air, which we loved!! It was easy to bike/walk around the island and was a great place for us to relax. We spent most of our days playing cards in beach cafes and swimming in the sea and enjoying the peacefulness. And at night you can see the glowing plankton (bioluminescent plankton), which makes the sea look like it has thousands of stars in it.

So if you ever get the chance, I recommend going to at least one or all three of these islands, they are all beautiful! Here’s a few photos from my trip!

Love, India Moon.


img_7281 img_7318 img_7332 img_7359 img_7410 img_7422 img_7451

img_7488 img_7485

Gili T all above ^ Gili Air Below!

img_7499 img_7509 img_7533 img_7541 img_7553 img_7543Snorkling trip to Gili Meno!




Hello!!! I thought I’d write my first post back about some of the things I got up to this summer!!

Although I spent a lot of my time working to save for University, I’m also lucky enough to have my two lovely grandparents living in Penzance, Cornwall. I spent a few weeks there learning to surf, going for big walks, and lying on the beach!! I’ve grown up visiting Cornwall, being on the beaches covered in sand and getting thrown around by the waves, it is one of my favourite places on earth. If you haven’t been I hope this post makes you want to go because I’d recommend going here to anyone. Its my little escape!

My first two weeks away, me and my boyfriend Jamie decided to do a surfing course for 4 days with Smart Surf School, on Sennen Beach! I surfed a bit in Bali and absolutely loved it, so I wanted to learn some more skills and try and become a little better.

Sennen is one of the most beautiful beaches, and Me and Jamie were so so excited. We went down early on our first day and couldn’t wait to get in the water even if it was a little cold at first (once your in and in your wetsuit and focusing on learning, you don’t even notice). Smart Surf school were amazing too, Sam Smart and his Brother Seb Smart are great surfers and teachers, who have a wonderful team, all of whom are experienced surfers and life guards. They taught us so many techniques and we had such a laugh with them. The great thing was they teach in small groups and believe the best way to learn is getting out and doing it! After about 20 minutes of warming up and getting to know the boards, we were in the water testing out our steering and paddling techniques, and by day two we were already standing up! Me and Jamie absolutely loved it, although a small tip, remember not to put suncream on your forehead, as Jamie went blind for a good five minutes in the water…

If you ever get the chance to go to Cornwall and wanna try surfing lessons go check out Smart Surfs Website they are such a cool bunch of people and I can’t wait to go back and have more lessons with them! http://www.sennensurfschool.com










a few photos of us surfing. 

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Cornwall, I have so many favourite beaches there and I always try and visit them every time I go down. My Grandparents also live very near to the little habour called Mousehole, which is a small fishing village and it’s so so lovely. It’s a stunning place to walk through and sit and look out from the habour, or even spend an evening in the lovely restaurants. I highly recommend ‘2 Fore Street’ restaurant, their food is incredible…I can’t stop thinking about it.

I could talk about how much I love Cornwall forever but I think I’ll save some of it for another post soon and tell you all about the different beaches you can visit, otherwise this post may go on and on… and for now I’ll just show you a few more photos of the beautiful places I went in Cornwall during summer…

Love, India Moon. 










Hello guys! It’s officially been a year since I was travelling in South East Asia and it was one of the most incredible experience’s. I’ve decided to share with you bit by bit all the beautiful places I saw and some little tips and all the must do’s whilst travelling, and I will start by telling you about one of the best days of my life. Whilst I was in Chiang Mai I  was extremely lucky that I got to spend the day with the most beautiful animals ever.


This baby elephant was the sweetest.

I’m sure many of you know some of the disturbing truths about Elephant cruelty thats goes on around the world and that many are exploited by forcing them into a life of walking for hours a day with a horrible chair that digs into their sides. The tourists that sit on their backs are usually unaware about all the cruetly that goes on within this industry. Lets just say I strongly disagree with these beautiful animals being used so that tourists can watch them do tricks, or ride on their backs. One of the hidden truths is that these beautiful creatures have to be tamed to be able to be ridden and this process can be extremely brutal.

Whilst I was in Chiang Mai in Thailand, I knew I wanted to see these amazing animals. I wanted to go to an Elephant Sanctuary, a place where they are cared for and no longer in pain and somewhere I could contribute to support their new lives. After much research, we decided to go to Happy Elephant Home, where we could spend the day with these gentle giants. There were four rescue elephants that had been overridden and abused in the trekking and circus industry. However after years of injuries and abuse, they were finally rescued and brought to this safe place, where they are now able to roam free and play in the nearby river and eat a lot of bananas and sugar cane. 

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I loved being surrounded by such beautiful and gentle animals and I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing they were. We spent the morning listening to the owners tell us their stories about where each of the four elephants and the new little baby one had come from. It was heartbreaking hearing about how awful their past experiences had been. One of the lovely female elephants, Molo, had been in the treking industry and still had wounds that still hadn’t healed even though she had been with Happy Elephant Home for a year and a half, (which you may be able to see in some of the photos). She suffered so many awful cuts which left scars and I felt heartbroken hearing about her story. It was hard to understand how anyone could cause these animals such pain. We spent that afternoon having a mud bath with the elephants, which was great fun and I loved playing in the mud and being completely covered from head to toe with them. I know now how much elephants love to throw mud all over themselves… Lets just say everyone got covered!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon bathing in a cold river with them, splashing them with water and rubbing their backs. I remember, I slipped over at one point, and thought I’d stepped on a snake but Molo had just wrapped her trunk around my leg, which allowed me to not fall.

 It is difficult to put it all into words how amazing it is to be surrounded by them, so if you ever get the chance I seriously recommend going and meeting them. I know one day I’ll be going back.  




















Thank you happy Elephant home for an amazing experience.

If you’d like to book with them heres their website: http://www.happyelephanthome.com

love, India Moon