Hello you lovely lot!!

So a few weeks ago I was super lucky to win a whole MissPap outfit from the beautiful fashion and beauty blogger Emma Graceland- Link to her Instagram here. I was so excited so I thought it was only right to do a little post on the whole outfit and to just say again such a big thank you to Emma for this outfit!!

Here I’m wearing the full outfit from Misspap including my Chain bag from Zara, which will most likely be in all my photos because I love it a little too much.

I’m wearing the super soft ‘Georgie Choker Neck ‘Girls Girls Girls’ T-shirt dress, which I’m pretty sure I could live in its so comfy! With the ‘Valerie Black Fishnet Leotard’ which is now on Sale!!!. And my favourite part of the whole outfit the shoes… The beautiful ‘Kourtney Black Heeled Ankle Boots’!. Just click the outfit names for a link to these gorgeous items!

Thanks so much if your reading this and for all of you wonderful people, who support me and my blog!

Love, India Moon.


Outfit Details-

Georgie Choker Neck ‘Girls Girls Girls’ T-shirt dress

Valerie Black Fishnet Leotard

‘Kourtney Black Heeled Ankle Boots’!

Black Chain Bag Zara 




Hello everyone, Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!!

Last Saturday I was very lucky to be invited by the lovely Vicky the owner of Braid Babes Brighton to have my hair braided at the salon PrettyPleaseHair, in Hove. After missing the last bloggers event I was super excited about getting my hair done!! I love having my hair braided and if I could do it myself I’d probably have my hair braided 24/7!

If you haven’t already, check out The BraidbabesBrighton Instagram page here! Braid Babes founded by Vicky, is a pop up braiding company that can create any style and they always look so great! They do festivals, parties and pop-ups in salons, so if your looking for an amazing festival or party look, I seriously recommend booking! Especially with Summer approaching! Vicky is also doing braiding for Wildlife Festival in Brighton too so why not get some amazing braids before the festival!

Here is a few pictures of my amazing Pulled out Dutch Braids and Paige’s insane cornrow pigtails with dread clips! Vicky creates some amazing styles so if you wanna see more go check out her Instagram, Click here for the link>BraidBabesBrighton or email Vicky on braidbabesevent@gmail.com and get booking!!

Love, India Moon. 



Hello lovelies,

So I’m back posting! I may have said this once before but I’m here to stick to it! I’ve officially settled into uni and I’m finding the time to write again and have no excuses seeing as I have some free time whilst on my long train journeys up to university!

I’ve decided a few things for my blog, I’m going to keep doing little fashion posts and I’m also going to try keep things very real and focus on lifestyle, health and happiness! I’m also going to write a little less and post more photos, because I can get carried away sometimes…

I’ll also be buying a new camera soon so I won’t have to take all my pictures on my phone!!! so more blog photos to come!

My first post back is about a few of my favourite gold items at the moment, I love sparkle and I love gold! I mean who doesn’t? So heres a few of my favourite gold buys!!!

Love, India Moon. 

My favourite playsuit ever, the Tiago Playsuit in Champagne from Dancing Leopard!  they do this in Champagne, Midnight Blue, Metal Silver, Pine Green and Maroon (OxBlood). (I’m wearing a size 8 here!). This can be dressed up with heels or down with trainers and still looks great!


InTheStyle Gold Metallic Satin Choker Slip dress which is now in sale for £11.99!!! I got a size 8 in this too!

My beautiful PrettyLittleThing Clover Gold Metallic Strap Heeled Sandals! 


Click here to Buy these items!

Tiago Playsuit in Champagne from Dancing Leopard!

InTheStyle Gold Metallic Satin Choker Slip dress

PrettyLittleThing Clover Gold Metallic Strap Heeled Sandals! 

Hello everyone, So I thought I’d do my first little happy and healthy post!

I feel within the world at the moment a lot of females and males are pressured by media and the aim to look a certain way and be the so called ‘perfect’ looking person. I don’t think people on social media aim to go about causing these pressures on people on purpose, but I feel as though Media can show unrealistic representations and not a lot of people promote loving who you are. However, I do know thats some areas of social media are great for motivation and there are some wonderful people out there promoting healthy living, but my point is a lot of people do struggle from it as well.

I’m not going to write loads and loads within this post talking about how I do this, that and the other to keep healthy, because one Its just my own opinions and two I do struggle with keeping healthy and fit and I just aim to take every day as it comes, when it comes to fitness.

I believe we should never set goals for ourselves based on an image you may see on the internet, because your body is yours and its unique to you. We don’t all look the same, and if you are happy and healthy thats all that matters. And remember we all have different Genes, different curves, different bums, different love handles, long legs, short legs, big boobs, small boobs… and no matter what you do and how you work out you will always have your own unique body, and everyone is beautiful. I believe when it comes to fittness its really about finding what works for you, and its taken me ages to find things that work for me. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I think its good to surround yourself with people that make you smile and laugh a lot, and be able to talk about how you feel!! And eating in a way that suits you. Eating has such a huge impact on how you feel, and its important to make sure your eating enough too. Eating with a healthy balance doesn’t mean never eating the things you love…I think its about making sure your eating enough and eating meals full of nutrients and goodness. I’m no expert at all and I’m still learning a lot about my body and what things work for me when it comes to food..but the one thing I do know is eating healthy makes a huge difference to how you feel.

I have days where I don’t feel motivated and feel fed up and then I try and remember how relaxed and happy I feel after doing a little bit of exercise, and its just what works for me. I think it’s good to try out things that work for your body! And as long as you feel happy and listen to how your body is doing, thats the main thing. And by no means am I saying you have to work out to be healthy because thats not it at all. I just wanted to share a few of my views as I think it needs to be spoken about more.

I thought I’d end this post with a few lovely places you can go to, that do amazing food! This is within Brighton but each restaurant has lots all over the UK so I highly recommend going and trying out their yummy foods!

img_8542Iydea – Does the most yummy food, you pick what you want and create a bundle of yumminess!img_2894

img_2594Love Fit Cafe– Love Fit cafe is great for after gym work outs or just everyday, as they do loads of great meals! and the menu lists your macro nutrients!! (lists your carbs, fats and proteins).  Their smoothies are great too!


Pho- Pho is a healthy Vietnamese Restaurant that does such tasty dishes!! I also seriously recommend their green smoothie mojito!


Pizza Express– Pizza Express do some amazing pizzas and salads! and they now do vegan,gluent free and wheat free pizzas! This is the goat cheese and caramelize onion salad pizza, it was delicious!


The Chilli Pickle– Incredible Curries and Dishes that you have to try!!!

Now these are just a few places that do lovely food, but Bill’s is also top of my list, and I can’t keep away! and if you happen to live in Brighton and you know where Sydney Street is (with Dirty Harry’s) You need to go try an Acai Smoothie at The Guarana Bar!!! They supply a diverse range of premium guaraná based products from Brazil and provide high quality unique superfoods!!

Anyway, going out for food can be pricey so I tend to go to Infinity Food’s the health food store to get organic yummy ingredients to make dishes at home!! Heres a picture of my usual breakfast at the moment now its winter, a bowl of porridge to keep me going and large smoothie!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!!

Love, India Moon. 


Hello Lovelies,  How’s it going!

So it’s finally becoming all wintery and it’s starting to get freezing… I spend a lot of my time reminiscing about my summers, and recently decided to find some of my old travelling pictures. So, I thought I’d do a little post about my little adventure to the Gili Islands. I’m going to talk about some little fun tips about all three of these beautiful islands, just so I can talk and think about them a little bit longer…

I was lucky enough to travel around Indonesia with three of my close friends, and we decided that we had to experience all the Gili Islands! We headed by boat from Nusa Lembongan to Gili Trawangan, which is known as the more busy and party island out of the three! It’s Beautiful! We spent the afternoon looking for a place to stay which wasn’t hard as everyone at the boat port all offer loads of places to stay. As we were on a low budget we just settled for anywhere clean with a bed and shower, as we would spend most our time outside our room exploring anyway.

Gili T is so lovely, you can ride around the whole thing and the sun sets are one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible and of course they have the famous swings which you can sit on and watch the sun go down.

Theres also a turtle reservation so you can see all the little baby turtles the island look after to keep the population of turtles going.

After spending a few nights on Gili T on the beaches and drinking lots of Bintang (the beer there which is really good). We decided to do a day trip snorkelling to Gili Meno, we were told this was a quieter island with less noise and attractions and when we got there again it was so beautiful and very open with a few nice hotels. It seemed like a great place for a couples holiday however we wanted to stay somewhere with a bit more going on, so a day trip was just enough for us!

Then we went to Gili Air, which we loved!! It was easy to bike/walk around the island and was a great place for us to relax. We spent most of our days playing cards in beach cafes and swimming in the sea and enjoying the peacefulness. And at night you can see the glowing plankton (bioluminescent plankton), which makes the sea look like it has thousands of stars in it.

So if you ever get the chance, I recommend going to at least one or all three of these islands, they are all beautiful! Here’s a few photos from my trip!

Love, India Moon.


img_7281 img_7318 img_7332 img_7359 img_7410 img_7422 img_7451

img_7488 img_7485

Gili T all above ^ Gili Air Below!

img_7499 img_7509 img_7533 img_7541 img_7553 img_7543Snorkling trip to Gili Meno!