Hello!!! I thought I’d write my first post back about some of the things I got up to this summer!!

Although I spent a lot of my time working to save for University, I’m also lucky enough to have my two lovely grandparents living in Penzance, Cornwall. I spent a few weeks there learning to surf, going for big walks, and lying on the beach!! I’ve grown up visiting Cornwall, being on the beaches covered in sand and getting thrown around by the waves, it is one of my favourite places on earth. If you haven’t been I hope this post makes you want to go because I’d recommend going here to anyone. Its my little escape!

My first two weeks away, me and my boyfriend Jamie decided to do a surfing course for 4 days with Smart Surf School, on Sennen Beach! I surfed a bit in Bali and absolutely loved it, so I wanted to learn some more skills and try and become a little better.

Sennen is one of the most beautiful beaches, and Me and Jamie were so so excited. We went down early on our first day and couldn’t wait to get in the water even if it was a little cold at first (once your in and in your wetsuit and focusing on learning, you don’t even notice). Smart Surf school were amazing too, Sam Smart and his Brother Seb Smart are great surfers and teachers, who have a wonderful team, all of whom are experienced surfers and life guards. They taught us so many techniques and we had such a laugh with them. The great thing was they teach in small groups and believe the best way to learn is getting out and doing it! After about 20 minutes of warming up and getting to know the boards, we were in the water testing out our steering and paddling techniques, and by day two we were already standing up! Me and Jamie absolutely loved it, although a small tip, remember not to put suncream on your forehead, as Jamie went blind for a good five minutes in the water…

If you ever get the chance to go to Cornwall and wanna try surfing lessons go check out Smart Surfs Website they are such a cool bunch of people and I can’t wait to go back and have more lessons with them! http://www.sennensurfschool.com










a few photos of us surfing. 

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Cornwall, I have so many favourite beaches there and I always try and visit them every time I go down. My Grandparents also live very near to the little habour called Mousehole, which is a small fishing village and it’s so so lovely. It’s a stunning place to walk through and sit and look out from the habour, or even spend an evening in the lovely restaurants. I highly recommend ‘2 Fore Street’ restaurant, their food is incredible…I can’t stop thinking about it.

I could talk about how much I love Cornwall forever but I think I’ll save some of it for another post soon and tell you all about the different beaches you can visit, otherwise this post may go on and on… and for now I’ll just show you a few more photos of the beautiful places I went in Cornwall during summer…

Love, India Moon. 










Hey there!! So its been a while…a little too long.

I put off writing as I was getting a little caught up with everything around me, I recently started university doing Digital Film Production. Which I have spoken about doing for years now, and I think my nerves about things changing got to me. However, I absolutely love the course I’m doing already and I want to be able to talk about my experiences over the next few years and use my blog as my own little space to share with you my work, lifestyle ideas, fashion, photography, films, travels and more!

Love, India Moon







IMG_1963Hey guys!!! So due to life being very busy, I’ve been caught up with all the other little things going on and haven’t been able to write recently. Which has sucked. I had a dream last night about my Jamie jeans (which can happen often to me when working around them all day, sad I know). So I thought it was appropriate time to post up part three, all about my favourite jeans, the Jamie’s. I only discovered these over the last few months, and now I live in them! I secretly fell in love with them because I never thought Mom jeans really suited me at first and I wanted a nice high waisted jean with a skinny fit! They also have pockets so they don’t look like jeggings, which is another bonus!

Here I’m wearing them with my black gold belt, Black v neck tee and my black neck scarf all from Topshop (you may be able to tell I get a lot of my clothes from Topshop and I like black). I dressed them with my new lace up wedge sandals also from Topshop, and they are possibly the comfiest sandals I’ve  ever owned and they are so pretty (well I think so anyway). The best thing about the Jamie’s is that they are both high waisted and super comfy, I might be the only one but I’ve come across some horribly uncomfortable high waisted jeans in the past, where you sit down to eat and feel like you can’t breathe! But I have to say these are pretty great!! Some people are put off by the fact they are ankle grazers… But don’t be! With all the different leg lengths, going a leg length up means they fit just like a regular pair of jeans! (Although I like having them short for my little legs).

A little pre warning though, be prepared to probably see me wearing these a lot, They’re pretty much glued to me at the moment and You can never have enough black jeans! (I have over 18 pairs…Maybe a little too many)

I go away to lovely Cornwall soon so I’ll be posting up more over the next few weeks, I promise!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the little bit of summer we are having and fingers crossed it lasts!

love, India moon








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 Hello there, how are you all!? I know you can’t reply, but I’m hoping you’re all happy and well anyway. Feels like it’s been a bit too long since I posted my second part to my denim posts! So sorry for the late update! This outfit is with my new favourite style of jeans…The Hayden’s! These jeans are amazing! They were a little out of my comfort zone at first and something I wouldn’t usually go for, (as I generally only like high waisted jeans) but after trying them on I couldn’t resist. I really recommend trying on something you wouldn’t usually when you go shopping because you can really surprise yourself. I sure did when trying these on, as I never thought I could even pull them off.

They are a thick but lightweight demin which allows them to feel super comfy, and I’m pretty sure I’d happily sleep in them if it was appropriate, (I may have napped in them once before).
Low rise boyfriend jeans are the new thing at the minute and with summer starting to approach, having a nice pair of light denim jeans is great to dress with some summery crop tops or loose shirts and blouses.

I tend to style my Hayden’s with casual jumpers or crop tops and trainers, usually for the days that I want to be super comfy. And as soon as the weather is warmer and I can get my feet out, I’ll style them with my Birkenstocks sandals or my new favourite Topshop purchase, black Delilah tie-ups shoes! (Which come in an amazing orange colour too). These shoes or some heeled courts can dress up the outfit nicely for summery evenings on the beach or dinner.

Trying to keep it short and snappy for you all so you can just stare at pictures of my ripped jeans some more instead… So hopefully this shows you how nice the Hayden’s really are! Thanks also for still reading my posts whoever you may be, means a lot!

love, India Moon









Well Hey! you wonderful people, thanks for taking some time out of your busy lives to check out my posts!

The first pair of jeans I’m going to tell you all about are the ‘Mom jeans’ the 90’s style classics. I absolutely love a good high waisted jean. These are absolutely amazing if your looking for a real denim authentic feel and a loose style fit. I’ve found personally that with the ‘Mom jeans’ in Topshop that they can sometimes come up slightly small, so don’t be put off if your having to go a size above your usual, as its just about trying them on to find the right fit!

As you’ll probably end up noticing from these posts, is that I kinda have a little thing for really overly distressed jeans at the minute! Which often means I end up hearing on a daily basis “You got mugged off buying those jeans like that, did you trip?” or “Where did the other half of your jeans go?” But I love them anyway!

There is about 30 colours to choose from at the moment, ranging from glittery ones to tie die pink and they are all just dreamy!

I tend to style these jeans with a crop tee or in this case a leotard. Here I’m wearing my first ever leotard, from Topshop. Which I love! I had to get it in black and nude too because they go with absolutely everything! Such a nice little summer buy!

If you have any little questions about the fit of the jeans just leave a comment, or just come see me at work! I won’t be hard to miss… I’m the one surrounded by jeans.

love, India Moon 









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