Hello lovelies!

I thought I’d do a little post about the sweetest January treats I received for my nails and hands this January. I’ve always wanted to have healthy and long nails and throughout winter my hands get so so dry and I also have the worst habit of biting my nails when I get stressed or anxious! So when I received this box from Mania and Lola I was so excited and amaze by some of the products, I felt like I had to share them with you all.

Within my box I recieved an beautifully smelling hand repair ‘Intensive Hand Mask’ by Skin republic and the most perfect little on the go pot of ‘Milk and Honey Body Butter’. January and February has been so cold and can be so harsh on our hands. Just yesterday when I went for a walk, my hands turned so pink and big from the cold they looked weird! So having these littles treats in your bag for those moments,  is so so perfect. Keeping my hands super nourished and soft!

I also received these beautiful three shades, they are absolutely gorgeous nail colours and they are such long lasting luxurious polishes. I swear by all this brands! The bright purple is from Artistic Colour revolution “Shred it up”, OPI ‘Samoan Sand’ which is my new favourite colour. The colours are so striking and I couldn’t love them more! I work in retail once a week and for those of you that have done or do, you’ll understand how bad your nails can get from picking up and carrying hangers all day! Mine end up chipping so badly, but I’ve been using these colours the last few weeks and it lasts so much longer! I also received the Nail Shaper within my monthly box, which is amazing for smoothing over my nails and keeping them in good condition. I struggle keeping my nails neat and tidy, but this is super easy to use!!!

These little treat boxes are so perfect, and cheer up my months with such sweet surprise gifts! You can check out there website HERE to subscribe for some amazing surprises each month!

Love, India Moon.


Hello lovelies,

Happy February! We made it through January!! Hope you are all having a lovely start to a new month.

I get asked quite often about what camera I use and and how I edit my photos so I thought I’d create this post today all about it!

I use the Olympus Pen EPL 8 with a 45mm lens and I swear by it. It took me a while to get use to but it is amazing. I’m a little in love with it. The quality of the images are great and its so easy to carry around everywhere. I do also have the 14-42mm lens but ever since I brought the 45mm lens I haven’t taken it off!

The one I brought I have linked HERE! but there are lots of places online you can find them, so it’s good to do your research!

Now for editing… I use three different apps to edit my photos. Firstly, I use AirBrush. This is free from the App Store.

I go into the app and click Magic. On here you can edit what you want added to the image. I tend to just use the brighten and smooth to create a smooth feel to my skin and the photograph. I sometimes add Skin Tone if the image is really dark it will also Brighten up the image, or if you want to look more orange you can darken the image also. It really depends what you want to do, as there is a lot you can mess around with on the app. I tend to only use this briefly and smooth the overall image, as I find it can sometimes make my images look really fake.

Before Image ^

When you click on ‘Magic’ ^ this is what comes up and you are able to edit what you’d like to add to your image. I sometimes add skin tone If I want to Brighten the image! But this can also add a tan!

Secondly, I use SnapSeed! I use this app to edit the brightness and contrast of the image. I go to Tools- Selective and highlight areas of the image I want to brighten, add contrast, saturation or structure to the image. I usually play around with this until I feel happy with the image and then I move onto VSCO.

Once in tools- you have all this choice! I sometimes use ‘Healing’ too if theres something like bird poo on a wall- which happens a lot!!

In ‘Selective’ you can click areas of the image and edit the Brightness, Contras, Saturation or Structure! ^

VSCO!! my favourite app of the lot. Which I’m sure most of you have heard of! You can use the free the free effects or you can search a pay for lots of different effects to add to your images. I use C1 on all my images and move up to 2.0%. I then add 0.5% contrast and depending on the image I add 0.2%-0.5% brightness!

So thats how I do it on all my Instagram Photos!!! Hopefully that was helpful and made sense- always feel free to message me with any questions you may have!!!

Before and After ^

Love, India Moon. 


Happy 2018 my lovelies!!!

Hope you all had the most magical Christmas and New year and lovely first week of January! I will be honest I’ve felt like a bit of a potato from all the food and resting and it’s been so lovely, that I’ve really struggled getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve decided to make this my first little post of 2018 as I think it’s extremely important to slowly ease yourself into the year the best you can. Even if you are working or straight back into education it’s really good to spend some time treating yourself and relaxing. We’ve also all made it through the first week!

Which is why I wanted to share with you all this amazing treatment and style I had on my hair today with the lovely Taelor Jost, who works at a salon in Worthing called Part One-The Hair Boutique. Ever since I had my hair bleached for the first time, I’m always looking for a perfect hair mask or treatment that will keep my hair feeling all silky and soft.

The in-salon service I had was a Kevin Murphy Treat.me Hair treatment, that is applied during a wash within the salon. This treatment is comprise of high quality, natural ingredients and lasts up to 6 weeks in your hair. My hair honestly feels the softest it has in such a long time! The treat costs £15.00 and is so so worth it. I was so shocked at how incredible the treatment left my hair feeling and at such an amazing price.

It was a lovely experience, I mean who doesn’t love a warm wash and head massage!!  I then had my hair blow dried and curled. I’m usually extremely fussy when having my hair curled as I’m so used to doing it myself, but Taelor created the most perfect beachy waves and all the Kevin Murphy products smell so good.

I’ve added a few images from the day and have also been giving a little promotional code for you all to get 25% off your first visit with Taelor! Go treat yourself!!!

Love, India Moon.

Hello you wonderful lot!

Hope December is treating you well, and you are all feeling christmassy and happy!!! I’m super excited about sharing this post with you because I’m absolutely crazy about Nasty Gal, so being able to work with them as been an absolute Christmas dream. I was extremely lucky to received two of the most incredible outfits s from them I could have cried with happiness.

With Christmas being round the corner, everyones started to dress in sparkles, glittery sequins and such amazing incredible party outfits. Which is why my mission for this month has been finding the most beautiful party looks to share with you all and give you little tips on ways to style these pieces.

First off my favourite party outfit this month! The most beautiful satin suit, Blazer Linked here, Tailored Pants Linked Here!!! Winter Glam is all about layering textures so I decided to style this with some gold layered jewellery and gold hoops. To stay co-ordinated, I picked a foundation shade that tie the outfit together, of course it would be black. Black chunky heels to go with my little black bralet. You could also style this with a lace bralet or white tee, which would be perfect for those New Years eve nights out. It would also work really well with some van/ trainers and cross over body clutch for those Christmas meals, or for that dressed down look. You don’t have to style them together either, the blazer works perfectly over some black jeans and boot heels. I mean I’ll be wearing this at very opportunity I get! I’m just loving all things co-ord this Christmas. They also have a similar satin suit in mustard which is to die for!!! Suit Pants Linked here! Blazer Linked here!

For my second outfit, I choose a little floaty satin pink dress for my family meals and Christmas party meals with friends. Even though its freezing at the moment, styling this sumptuous dress with sock boots and cosy faux fur is so perfect for evenings out and any indoor meals you may have coming up. I don’t know if you can guess but I love anything Satin. To add an little edgy twist to your party look, you could always style this with a statement leather jacket and chunky biker boots. But If your looking for more of an classic elegance, I’d go for some gold or black court heels, a pink clutch, and some silver drop earrings and a delicate chain necklace.  Link to this beautiful dress here!! 

Hope you love these outfits as much as me, go browse their beautiful statement pieces this party season on their website, there are some absolute gems!!!

Thanks to Nasty Gal for these incredible pieces!

Love, India Moon. 


Hello you lovely lot!

It’s mid December already, and it’s feeling super Christmassy! I’m sure many of you are planning your Christmas party outfits and New Year’s Eve outfits, if your like me and always plan super far in advance!

I thought I do a little post with some of my top favourite party outfits this Christmas from some incredible brands! I’m not going to ramble on too much, but I’m in love with every single one of these outfits so hopefully it inspires you all and helps you all find that perfect party outfit!! This is part one of my favourites, as I’ve got a few more on the way so keep your eyes peeled!!

No 1. Rose gold heaven! Dress from I Saw It first! The detailing is so beautiful, and it is such amazing quality! And no sequins fall out while you dancing around in it!!! Which is unfortunately out of stock from ISAWITFIRST so here is one that is similar in Black that I love- Click here! (I’m wearing a size 6)

No 2. Pretty little thing sparkly treats! You may notice I have a thing for rose gold, so of course I couldn’t resist some rose gold sequin pants, perfect for nights were you expect to be dancing non stop! Click Here!

No 3. I also received this amazing gold sequin square neck dress, I love love love the shape of this! Click Here!

No 4. This beautiful Pretty Little Thing Satin Dress- Click here!

No.5 for those evening Christmas dinners that turn into nights out, I couldn’t resist this Red Co-ord Suit from BooHoo! Click here for Blazer! Click Here for Suit pant!

No.6. Such a wonderful Jumpsuit perfect for Christmas parties and New Years Eve, dressed with some black heels and a fur coat! From LOTD-Click Here! and its only £10!!!

No.7. Sparkly Pink Two piece of dreams!! In The Style collaborations are my favourite, so when Tammy Hembrow released her range I was too excited! Love anything with a bit of sparkle! Click here for the top! Click here for the trousers! 

Love, India Moon.