Hello you lovely lot,

So I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, it’s been sitting in my draft folder for 5 months and I finally decided I feel okay to start sharing my thoughts about how I deal with anxiety and to share some insights that I’ve personally found useful. I’ve also received some amazing support, advice and strategies from my parents;(who are both experienced psychotherapists) along with hearing many other peoples stories and experiences too.

I want to start with a disclaimer and say of course I am no expert as I will be mainly sharing a few tips on what I’ve found have been helpful to me. 

Although there are some similarities about how anxiety manifests, as it shows up in many ways and each of us will have preferred ways of managing it too. 

Growing up I didn’t want to talk about these things and would hide them from others, yet over time I realised it’s something that a lot of us share and through my conversations with my friends I’ve realised how common it is, yet also realised how sad that there is limited and straight forward education about it. So over the last few years I’ve found the more we talk about these issues, the more we may help each other or allow each other to all feel less alone whilst dealing with these things.

I’m hoping sharing some of this with you may either create more open dialogue about it, where we can all talk and support one another (my messages are always open for any of you) or perhaps the tips may offer something that you could try that may help, like they helped me.

Anxiety is an experience with many symptons and the word anxiety is just one limited way we use to describe something which happens to us on lots of levels. So using one word to try and describe an abundance of thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviours is inevitably going to leave us confused.

Breaking all this down into bite size chunks was the first real step for me in understanding. 

The following is in no particular order, as where anxiety usually starts is deeply personal for each one of us. But for me, firstly changing the way I thought about anxiety was most useful. 

Thinking – I think/imagine/worrying/ fearful thoughts

This is obviously something we all do, whether we think in terms of stories or images. The gift of creative thinking and imagining is incredibly useful, however this creative thinking can be a curse when we imagine the worst.

Once we are creating worse case scenarios, images and stories in our mind, we are actively telling our body and brain that there is actually something bad that is, or might be going to happen.  And if we do this often enough the brain and body believes that the stories and imaginings are real and then the body starts to respond as if it were actually real. Yes, the brain doesn’t always know the difference between fact and fiction.

So asking myself is what I am thinking ‘Factual’ actually happening and something that I have evidence of? Or “Fiction’ something that I am imagining that I cannot be certain of?  and ‘what is the story I am telling myself right now?’

Of course factual scenarios can be appropriately scary, however adding more story telling can often intensify the feelings I am having.

Previously I used to call my experience of anxiety an ‘anxiety attack’. Yet I no longer call them that or associate anxiety with an ‘attack’ as I would tend to create more worry or fearful thinking, which would only escalate the feelings I was having. So when I feel the physical symptoms of anxiety I no longer think about an ‘attack’ or ‘panic’. My body may be reacting in a powerful way but my fearful thinking was only telling my body and brain that I was under threat.

Along with scary thoughts there would be a good mix of scary feelings too, such as feeling nervous/scared/fearful. So next up was not just understanding what I was feeling but what were all these weird sensations that were going on in my body. 

When we are in an anxious state our bodies are generally moving into a ‘fight or flight’ response. We know this because our heart rate goes up, we get hot or cold, we may shake, want to be sick, feel faint, breathe very fast etc. Again this is because our brain/body has either perceived actual (factual) threat or perceived (imagined/fictional) threat and adrenaline kicks in. This adrenaline is the chemical in our bodies that gets the heart moving faster and it activates blood flow toward the muscles. The reason for this is that if we are under threat (fact or fiction) we need to get out of the situation, hence ‘fight or flight’ we either need our body to fight the situation or run away from (flight) the situation. This is why the adrenaline is released. 

(There is also a freeze response that can also happen under extreme stress/trauma, but I may explore that in another blog).

Now of course this fight/flight response is great if we are in a life threatening situation but if it’s a result of stress for whatever reason or being late for a date, then its not so helpful. The other problem is that when a lot of adrenaline is released into the body the blood flow goes to the muscles and not to the brain. This is why we feel spaced out and cannot think straight when in this adrenalised state.

Also feeling sick is because the body wants to be lighter to run or fight so the body wants to get rid of whats in the stomach. Breathing very fast is because our bodies are preparing to move fast.

One of the worse things to do is to sit and be still in a highly adrenalised state, the best thing to do is to move around, dance, jump, run for a few mins. This will then move the adrenaline as the brain then knows that the body has done its job. If you are unable to move, imagine running and sometimes this can also help.

Here’s a few more tips that I find useful for me.

1. Eating a substantial breakfast is really vital, whilst avoiding stimulants like caffeine and high sugars. Breakfasts with healthy fats and proteins with vedge based carbohydrates are ideal. Keeping our blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day prevents the body producing unnecessary adrenaline as a false fuel, as skipping meals will produce more adrenaline especially when we are running low on energy because of the lack of food and lack of essential nutrients. Quick fix sugars only exaggerate feeling more stimulated/anxious.

2​. Visualising: This is dependant on the situation but closing your eyes and visualising another place or paying attention to the things around you and focussing on the ‘facts’ of whats happening and your external environment. I play the colour game usually, as I find my moments happen when I’m travelling, so I usually look for colours,focusing on 4 red things, 4 blue and so on. However, for some people I know that reading things can also help in these moments. On the train for example, I spend a lot of time reading the small print of the signs to help focus my mind on things around me. 

​3. ​Create your safe place senses: My mum introduced this strategy to me to create a safe place senses ‘box’, ‘notebook’ or even place on your phone with notes of a list of things that help you feel relaxed or to help us in these moments. For example, I have podcasts I love listening to on my phone and meditations, I have drawing apps to take my focus off of them, I have a book I’ll take with me when going into situations that may make me feel anxious. I bought myself a mindfulness colour book that I draw in before going out if I’m feeling like I may be going into a situation that I may find anxious. Of course, it’s down to finding things that work for you in these situations, but try creating a list of strategies that allow you to feel relaxed and work on them as a resource .

​4. Chewing gum: Now I have to say I’m not saying to chew gum or chew something whilst you are highly adrenalised as this could cause you to choke and I’m only suggesting this as it’s something that’s helped me. But if I feel as though I’m going into a situation that may be stressful, I carry a pack of gum or mints on me and chew them before going into the situation. It’s known that chewing reduces levels of stress hormone cortisol found in saliva and fast chewing has been shown to have more of an anxiety busting effect than slow chewing. Some people I know also say that the chewing has helped them feel less anxious as it allows them to focus on the chewing and stops teeth grinding in stressful situations.

​5. Question/ visual Game, with others or alone: If you are alone and experiencing any of the symptoms of anxiety, try the question game. Work your way down from 5 and in your head or if you are able to out loud say 4 colours that you notice around you, 4 smells around you, 4 things you can see, and 4 things you hear. Then work your way down from 4, stating 3 colours, things you see, smells and things you hear. This allows your mind to focus on the physical things around you, to focus your mind and attention onto something else. If you are with someone who may be having anxiety symptoms or you are experiencing them and need support, it’s okay to ask someone to help you with these questions. If you are the one supporting another, ask questions about things they’ve done (such as “what did you have for breakfast”) encouraging them to move their attention away from the internal experience of anxiety and start to notice the external world around them.

​6.PIES: Going through these points/exercises help me acknowledge where my anxiety is originating from. This can be helpful when the symptoms are moderate. P/Physical – How is my body experiencing the adrenaline? I/Intellect – Are my thoughts fact or fiction? E/Emotionally – How do I feel? S/Socially – What do I need to regulate?

​7. Do what eases anxiety symptoms. It is different for everyone, but find something that allows you to feel at ease and involve these moments into your days or the upcoming days you may feel stressed about. Relaxation methods, such as yoga and meditation are good ways that allow your body to relax and to stop your adrenals from overworking. 

​8. Plan short term activities throughout your days, that are enjoyable or focussed in a way that brings your attention away from what might be causing you worry. For example, If you are spending more time in your thinking, do some movement and body based exercises.

​9. Challenge your expectations and social media norms: For me a lot of my anxiety stems from situations I cannot control and I feel distressed when I don’t think I can control an outcome. Over the last few months I have been working daily on consciously doing one thing that is out of my routine by doing things that aren’t planned or in my control. Some small examples of mine are planning to see someone on the day, rather than in advance. Accepting that I don’t have control of others and letting my expectations go. Not checking my phone for an hour and taking time off my phone when feeling anxious or stressed is also something that helped me massively. Our bodies are stimulated when scrolling and looking at a blue light on a screen which again overstimulates our nervous systems and stops us from resting. So I found taking time off scrolling and not being constantly plugged means we give our bodies the down time they need.

10 Be kind to yourself: Anxiety is not always just about the psychological and is very often an adrenal response that is caused by many stressors that are outside of our control and part of the pace of daily modern life. Just because I don’t feel ok doesn’t actually mean it’s me that is actually not ok. Our bodies are good at giving us feedback and if we listen we may make life choices that enable us to live in more balanced ways that will support our bodies/ brains and nervous systems, which will naturally reduce anxiety and adrenaline symptoms.

Thanks for reading this post, I really hope in some way this was helpful and know if you ever want to chat my messages are always open. Have a lovely day!

Love, India Moon x

Hello you lovely lot!!!!

Today’s post is linked to my recent Instagram posts and video (LINK HERE) on my favourite Topshop jeans. I wanted to link a blog post into the mix, to give my thoughts on the styles, sizes and what I’d recommend! For those of you who don’t know, I used to work at Topshop full time for two years and I worked within the Denim Departed for 8 months. I have to say I absolutely loved working with denim. At first, I honestly hated shopping for jeans, trying on loads and getting all sweaty in the process- just no thanks! I just wouldn’t do it and I always stuck to my classics the Jonis (at the time).

So It was really nice to learn more about the styles and shapes over the course of 8 months. I started to get to know the fits and sizes and what to recommended to people. Although it seems pretty straight forward, because sizes are sizes, I honestly believe experimenting with the fits is a must when it comes to jeans. I wear different sizes in all my jeans and It is trial and error but hopefully with a few of my tips it can help you decide which pair to choose from the TopShop range. I am sharing my faves and what I would recommend regarding sizing.

I’ve used some photos from the Topshop website but my video of my favourite fits the Moms, Orson’s, Straight’s, Hayden, Joni’s and Jamie’s is LINKED HERE, along with the Topshop jean Guide. The perfect guide to finding your dream fit!

So let’s start with my number one favourite now…The Jamie’s!! High Waisted Ankle Grazers. A really nice flattering high rise, super skinny through the leg, narrow hem sits at ankle and high stretch! These are my go to! They have belt loops and pockets, so transitioning from Joni’s to this was so great, because I got obsessed with belts! In terms of sizing (I’m 5’2) and love rolling my jeans rather then having ankle grazers, so I sized up in the leg and wear a W25L32 (Size 8 waist). So depending on your preferences on the hem, I’d stay with L30 or L32-34 depending on how you’d like to style them! Jamie’s also come with a flare, so if you love a good flared jean these are gorgeous on! My best friend Pia, always wears the blue flared Jamie jeans with a pair of converse and a tee and it looks perfect!

Jamie Jeans.

Next the Joni’s- the classics everyone knows about! The jeans I wore to death in my teens. Joni’s are a super high waisted, super skinny fit, and the new power holding Joni’s have a power stretch technology (they feel amazing on and the quality is amazing)! With these I tend to go for a W26L30, again personal preference but I find the Joni’s super tight round my waist and sometimes found them too tight when sitting down, so went for a size up for comfort! Joni’s don’t have belt loops, but have pack pockets and are perfect jeans for the extra stretch and for the super high waisted look!

Joni Jeans
Joni Jeans

The Orson Jeans!! the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned! They are a high rise, slim fit through the leg with a wider hem at the ankle (usually a raw hem) and a low stretch denim. These feel like Denim!! If your not a fan of the extra stretch like the Jamie’s and Joni’s but love the high waist then Orson is the best option! They are slightly tighter round the thighs, so are a super flattering jean on your bum! The raw hem is my fave too as they look fab styled with a pair of boots. In terms of sizing I go for a W26L30 in these- I recommending trying these on and experimenting with sizing to see how they feel for you. My go to is always comfort, so I ignore the size tags and just see what works for me depending on the style!

Orson Jeans
Orson Jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans!! Looking for something a little less tight round your thighs and bum and that classic straight leg fit and button fly, then meet Straight!!! A high rise jean, with low stretch and super flattering again with a bit more extra.

Straight Leg
Straight Leg

Hayden jeans are the most perfect boyfriend styled jeans. They are a low rise, distressed, loose fit through the leg jean! I call them my comfort jeans!!! They are so so nice on, and paired with a chunky knit or jumper is my go to for casual dinners with friends. I personally recommended trying a size down from your regular sizing as myself and friends, have always found they can come up slightly bigger than the other styles.

Hayden Jeans
Hayden Jeans

Mom jeans high Rise, slim tapered, non stretch !! Now in all honestly I don’t know what changed but about a year ago, I never really liked wearing Mom jeans- I used to find it impossible to get them to fit over my legs, bum and then my waist all at the same time. But recently I decided to give them another go. And I fell in love with them. This time I went for a size up and decided to style them with belts to allow them to be the perfect fit and super comfy. Personally I prefer them sized up as it allows them to be a bit more of a comfortable fit.

Mom jeans: Neon Contrast Stitch. (Taken by Sarah Ellen Photography) Click here for the jeans!
Mom jeans.

Lucas! The Super soft babies!!! I recommend these to everyone who loves a low rise, but wants that super soft touch. They are such a gorgeous denim! They are a tapered fit through the leg and boyfriend style. Such a classic fit and just the perfect chill out jeans!

Lucas Jeans
Lucas Jeans

Now on to the Dree’s, the mid rise jeans that fit round the thigh and flare out below the knee into a nice flared cropped length jean. These are the jeans. I’m yet to own myself but I’m awaiting summer so I can get them out with a cute crop!

Dree Jean
Dree Jeans.

New Boyfriend Jeans!! Looking for the super classic fit boyfriend jeans, Authentic non- stretch denim (real denim feel), a loose fit straight through the leg. The perfect boyfriend jean, thats that slight bit more authentic than the straight leg jeans.

New Boyfriend.
New Boyfriend.

Baxter!! not many people know about these bad boys! last year, I wore my pair of Baxter’s to death!! They are a low rise, slim fit through the leg and a mid weight stretch which gives them that denim look but that super comfy feel. The bottoms of Baxter’s are slightly wider at the ankle which is perfect when wanting to style with a pair of boots, so the hem sits perfectly above the boot. These are the perfect low rise jeans that are also super flattering!!

Baxter Jeans.
Baxter Jeans.

Leigh jeans like the Lucas are that super soft material, they also have such a lovely stretch in them. If don’t fancy a high rise, or low rise, these are the perfect skinny mid-rise jeans! They are a super light weight denim. I tend to go for my normal sizing in these, as I find the light weight softness of them, allows them to stretch to the perfect fit. These are the jeans I highly recommend to my mum, as they are perfect for everyday wear and are just super comfy.

Leigh jeans.
Leigh Jeans.

So you like the idea of Leigh, being Mid rise but want a slightly less soft feel denim, then Sidney’s are another pair of Mid rise jeans that are a skinny fit and a super stretch denim! They just look like a slightly more authentic denim compared to the Leigh jeans in my opinion!

Sidney jeans.
Sidney Jeans.

They also stock wide leg, and cropped wide leg trousers which personally I’ve never tried out as I don’t feel they suit me, but are both an authentic non stretch denim with a high waist, which makes them the perfect and super flattering flared and cropped trousers!

Anyway, I hope this posts and the video helps regarding the different the fits in some way! I would highly recommend booking a personal shopping denim “try on” date, the service is free and gives you a nice environment to find out your dream denim fit!! I have to say my favourites would be the Jamie’s- my everyday “go to” black jean, the Moms- are just super comfy and I love the authenticity of the denim and the Orson Jeans- which are just super flattering and perfect for summer.

Let me know your favourites? If you have any questions, I will always attempt to answer them for you?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! Have the loveliest week!

Love, India Moon.

Hello you lovely lot!

I’ve been gone for a while on here, and I must say I’ve missed it, I missed writing and sharing things with you all. 2018 was a whirl wind of emotions for me. Getting through uni was a challenge…I spent summer through to October, juggling my love for Instagram, and a job whilst forcing myself to complete a degree I completely lost interest in. The short version of the story (I won’t go into much detail), is my degree turned out to be very unorganised, which meant I felt extremely unprepared for my whole dissertation, and it was an extremely stressful time. But it’s done now and it’s over!!! I guess the reason for me telling you all that, is because it stopped me from wanting to write on here. I dealt with a lot of negative emotions, mainly stress and anxiety which I still am learning to cope with but I now finally feel like I’m ready to write again and am excited to finally have my little scrap book of thoughts back!

I thought I’d dedicate this post to a little update on the last few months, where I am now, what I’m up to and what I’m excited to share on here through 2019. Firstly, I left Uni and quit my job in retail. Finishing and quitting those two parts of my life was so amazing. I felt like I’d had a huge rock lifted off me. I then decided to take the scary leap into full time Influencing/Blogging, whatever you wanna call it… to be honest I kinda like the term content creator right now? It was a slightly scary jump because being freelance can be daunting and as I’ve learnt is about budgeting and saving the best you can. It was the best decision I’ve made and I pinch myself daily that I can call this my job, because I never thought in a million years I’d be in this position and be so in love with what I do at this stage in my life. So a big shout out to you all that support me, because I wouldn’t be here without you all!

Over November, December it’s been full on work and it’s been so exciting, busy, daunting and amazing all at the same time. I met my bestie and business partner Amelia Taylor (@withameliataylor) and we’ve pushed each other through work and our lives in many different ways, and she made me realise just how important it is to surround yourself only with the people who make you happy and support you. We also both took the leap into creating our own and joint youtube channels and I’m excited to dive into that more over 2019, we have lots of videos coming up soon!

and now it’s January 6th and I can’t believe how quickly the months have gone. 2019 already makes me so excited about new adventures and new things to come. To kick start it all, on January the 2nd, I booked my one way ticket to Australia/ The Gold Coast for April the 29th to go and see my close friend Kirsty (@kirstyeelizabeth) so we can travel, work and content create around the world for four months together!!! I feel extremely excited and nervous about it all, and can’t wait to take you along with me.

Also for me 2019 is about starting to share more of the reality of things on my platforms. When I started sharing on these platform, it was always at the back of my mind that I wanted to make sure I always shared the real, honest sides and be open on my platform about the behind the scenes moments. From many emotional moments struggling with aspects of this platform to being inspired by other peoples raw and honest behind the scenes. Some which have helped me through some difficult times, made me feel more strongly about being conscious about what I share.

Last year I stopped myself from talking about anxiety, insecurities, stresses and everything else going on because I didn’t want to come across negative or offend anyone by what I had to say. I didn’t feel like I was allowed to have those feelings because of how people may see me on this platform. But I’ve decided it’s important to share the real things going on behind the scenes, seeing as I’m such an active user of showing all the best bits (which isn’t a bad thing). Because we all have our own individual insecurities, bad moments and lives going on behind the scenes so for my 2019 I’m making a conscious decision to share those moments on here in a positive way, because I think raising conversation/talking about how we feel is so important. We can help support each other in ways we didn’t think possible.So I hope you all have the most wonderful starts to 2019, remember to look after yourselves and take it easy and try not to don’t compare your stages to anyone else along the way. I’ll be sharing some more honest and personal posts soon. Have a lovely day and know my DM’s and messages are always open to you all!

Love, India Moon.

Jewellery from Paul Valentine.

Hello lovelies! Hope you’re all well and enjoying August so far!

Today’s blog post is all my tips on being in front of the lens!! When I first started blogging I felt extremely nervous about being photographed in the street and especially being photographed by someone I didn’t know.

I used to freak out so much I’d be non stop weeing before hand (not sure if it’s just me that this happens to when I’m nervous) but I ended up just staying down ally streets or indoors, however I really wanted to explore and had so many ideas for outdoor shoots. Shooting in the street can be extremely nerve racking at first- with people watching and the occasional weird comment. But in all honesty people are just extremely interested and they are only there for a split second and then you’ll never see them again. Also if it’s  doing what makes you happy, no one should stop that!!

One thing I always remember that helped is to just look past the stares and focus on your photographer, taking a pause moment while people walk closely by can also help. People are just a tad interested and are probably thinking ‘oh who’s she/he?, ‘What’s she/he up too?’. It’s also important to be mindful whilst shooting too, like don’t stand outside someones house and chat really loudly for ages, as people may be in and don’t really wanna hear that.

Also cat calling can and does happen…I’ve dealt with all sorts being said and it is extremely frustrating and boring but you need to just ignore them. It’s so horrible that’s what people think is okay, but my advice would be to ignore it and walk on or just stare back. But just a little tip if it’s builders or company owners, take a picture of the company sign they work for and email the company with a complaint.

Outfit details below. Movement: Here I walked back and forward on the stop towards the camera! 

Anyway here are a few of my tips on being in front of the camera…

Start with working with a photographer or someone you feel comfortable with. I started by sticking to shooting with friends or family, yes my dad has had to take some pictures for me before, which was always hilarious as it ended in mostly me with a double chin.

I think finding someone you click with is important. It’s okay to not feeling 100% confident at first but just ease yourself in, do maybe one of two outfits to start with; plan your locations before hand and work out changing spots so you don’t have to worry about that on the day. But usually if you ask politely to use a pub or cafe toilet it’s usually always okay, or if you fancy it buy yourself a changing tent off amazon! I’m debating the fact I need one in my life after I spent a day changing on the seafront with a load of people on the pier watching and laughing, which is usually the reality of all shoots changing in doorways and streets under t-shirts and dresses.

If your feeling worried about people staring try organise a time after 9am when people have gone to work… I mean unfortunately there will always be people around and about who do stare, but they have gone in a second!

After a while shoots will get easier and I’ve found that working with new photographers is so lovely and exciting when it comes to creating new and different content/images! I have met some of the loveliest people through stepping out my comfort zone and doing this! but honestly it’s all about practice, It will come!! If you ever feel stuck for a vision or an idea on how you’d want your overall style or feed to be, I’ve always found Pinterest extremely helpful as it allows you to be creative and moodboard the things you love and see it all visually.

MOVEMENT. My goodness it’s important. It wasn’t until I did a shoot with Lydia Collins a year ago now, that I realised just how important movement really was when it comes to shooting. Moving back and forward on the spot, which actually can make you wobble so much. It’s surprising how moving back and forth on the spot can cause you to nearly fall over on the spot! But it looks great on camera! Also laugh!! Even if it’s fake you will 100% end up laughing, I find my best photos always seem to be me caught of guard and laughing with whoever is shooting me.

Outfit details below.  Movement: Again walking past the camera within the frame of the shot to get this image. 

Always have a prop! Mine tends to always be a bag or sunglasses or my hair! Just something to make sure you don’t have awkward hands flying about. However, coffee cups, necklaces or earrings, food, flowers anything works!!! It’s also nice if something tells a bit of a story, so experiment with your props and locations.

Don’t be afraid to work with your photographer on creating the angles and shots you want to achieve- it’s all about communication. I think sometimes I was always to scared to speak about a vision I had in mind, but if you’ve got one speak about. I’m sure whoever you are working with would love to discuss your vision and any ideas they have too!!

Enjoy it and have fun with creating new and exciting content. I tend to plan a lot of my shoots, in terms of outfits and locations. Sometimes it’s hard to plan a location as I find my favourite ones and ones I stumble across when I’ve chosen a certain area, so I usually decide on coloured backgrounds or more street style or plain backgrounds! It really depends on your own individual style, but experiment and enjoy your shooting days. Also it’s important to wear clothes that reflects you and your personality, wear clothes that you feel comfortable in as it will really show on camera.

Basically just have FUN!!! enjoy it all and be YOU. It’s such a creative thing and a lot of work goes into peoples images so enjoy the process. I also thought I’d add in a little about how I work in terms of shooting as I’ve had a few questions about it lately! So I shoot on a Olympus Pen EPL8 with a 45mm lens and recently have been using my 17mm (which I love)! I tend to shoot  6 outfits weekly on one day a week, as I have a lot of uni work so one day a week right now is all I can manage.  But it’s just what works best for me, I know a lot of people work differently so it’s about finding a balance and working in a way that allows you to feel relaxed and excited about it all. If you ever have any questions about any of this please do send me a message, I’ll happily answer anything!

Outfit details below. Real laughs with the beautiful Cree Bashford, who I met up with to shoot some outfits together, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! 

In this post I thought I’d include some images from my favourite outfits this week which I feel super lucky to receive from one of my favourite brands NA-KD. which honestly have pieces for every occasion, at any time. I must admit my holiday wardrobe is slowly growing from browsing on their site!

First off is this stunning suit set, I fell in love with these beautiful wide leg trousers , which are absolutely perfect for weddings and special occasions or dressing down with a white tee and pair of chunky trainers and then I saw the blazer!! If you’ve noticed I’ve fallen for anything belted recently so I was sold on this suit! CLICK HERE for the stunning trousers and CLICK HERE for the perfect pink blazer!

For the second outfit I thought I’d try something a little out of my colour comfort zone, and go for a full satin look, I mean who doesn’t love a statement satin outfit! (another obsession of mine) but how gorgeous are these shorts!! CLICK HERE to shop. (they come in black and green too!)

These satin shirts have become my new best friend, I wear them everywhere with shorts at the minute and I can’t wait to lay on the beach and throw this on over a bikini in September! CLICK HERE for the Satin shirt.

Thanks so much for reading lovelies, hope it was slightly helpful, even if I did rant on about it all!! I also want to say a huge thanks to the lovely Cree Bashford for being a wonderful photographer and taking these images for me! Her website is HERE and her Instagram is HERE if you wanna check her out!

Love, India Moon. 

P.S. Also if you want to treat yourself to any NA-KD fashion pieces I also have a 20% off code which is valid for two weeks ‘india2018’ !!



Hey lovelies!

Just writing a short but extremely Sweet blog post today about a little event I attended that I really wanted to share with you all! Last week I was really lucky to be invited to try the new Tequila Rose in Brighton, along with my bestie @AliHemsley !

Now at first I was honestly thinking am I going to struggle to drink it? Tequlia has always been to strong for me, but oh my goodness!!! This strawberry cream liqeur is incredible. It’s pink, it taste amazing and the bottle looks absolutely beautiful! So I did really spend my Saturday in pink, drinking pink things and getting super excited about finally finding my new favourite drink.  I tested this drink with all my friends this weekend, and they all loved it as much as me! So I’m super happy that it now means all pre drinks can be Tequila Rose! I guess you could say I really am in love with it.

The day consisted of getting our hair done at Lipstick and Gunpowder in Brighton and drinking the most amazing Tequila Rose Milkshake, which I really need to attempt to make! Whilst having my hair curled into the most stunning bouncy waves we had lots of yummy shots and then decided to take full advantage of the colourful background and super cute tequila rose backdrop! Ali and Myself decided to borrow the coolest pink jackets that made us feel like we were part of the pink ladies gang.. pink ladies tequila gang in fact and had such fun catching up in the sun.

The best way to describe this drink is like an alcoholic milkshake! It’s so so yummy. Honestly everytime I smell it I want a sip…but it’s not really expectable to have a drink on a work night in bed by yourself. It really is such a perfect drink for summer!  For shots with friends, a milkshake or even tequila ‘beer pong’ that me and Ali decided to play for her birthday this weekend, which is 100% nicer than beer in my opinion!

You can buy Tequila Rose from Tesco’s and its so so worth it, I promise once you add this into the mix on your nights out you’ll thank me for it!

Let me know if you’ve ever tired it or if you do after this!

Love, India Moon.


*This is a sponsored posts. All my honest thoughts and opinions.