Hello again you wonderful bunch!!!

Hope you are all having a good week! Its Tuesday,  not even mid week and I’m already a little exhausted and ready for the weekend (I mean who isn’t).

I thought I’d share with you a little post about my favourite new jeans, that I absolutely love from Topshop! These are the amazing ‘Black Jamie Jeans with the Lace up front detail’, which they also do with a lace up side of the leg!! I’d recommend getting these online as in the Brighton Store we only have about one or two left, as they are selling out so fast!!

I styled these with a little White Crop Tee from Zara, and my Black Bralet from Missguided! I can’t find this online anymore but there are loads similar or if you can’t find one from there, try Pretty Little Thing they always have some great ones! I’m also wearing my Black and White Hi-Top Old Skool Vans, a little heads up I can’t get enough of Vans so they will probably be on my feet for all my photos!

Hope the rest of all your weeks are good, and you all are happy and well!

Love, India Moon. 

Hello All you wonderful people!!!

Happy Happy Monday!!

Its a week today since I went to the amazing Benefit event in Brighton with the goregous and inspiring Lola Hoad who is the creator of ‘One Girl Band’ and Tashie Tinks the lovely youtuber, fashion and beauty blogger!

I thought I’d just do a little post about the event and what we got up to and show you some pictures from the evening! I was super excited when I was invited to go to my first ever event! I decided to take along my lovely bestie Pia Woodvine, and If haven’t seen her instagram its a must..her style is to die for!!

We arrived at 5.30pm and we were greeted with cute little sweet pots and pink champagne, a combrination of my favourite things. We spent the start of the evening meeting and chatting with the other girls there, which was so lovely being surrounded by such inspiring creative people. In the corner of the room there was a brow studio to get your eyebrows waxed, tinted and styled by the incredible Benefit Makeup and Brow Artists!

This was a must for me, since I have never ever had my eyebrows done! (Kinda sounds like my eyebrows would be running wild by now.. but they barely grow!). We also got the chance to personalise our own tweezers, which was super cute!  Now if you haven’t tried Benefit tweezers you need to…They are so good!!

Later on in the evening, we all got called downstairs to see the new upcoming brow mobile, which will be travelling around the UK to transform everyones brows!! The car was amazing, and the interior on the inside was even better!! After that we finally had a Q&A with the inspiring Lola Hoad, who is an incredible entrepreneur and creator of ‘One Girl Band’, with so much wisdom. She spoke to us about social media, productivity, becoming your own boss, positivity and confidence. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram then you need to- CLICK HERE for the link! She creates beautiful greeting cards, with positive quotes and messages!

After meeting Lola, we had a Q&A with the lovely Blogger and Youtube Tashie Tinks, who spoke all about her journey becoming a successful blogger and tips on staying positive and motivated!

It was such a great evening, and I loved it all!! I also received a sweet little goody bag with some great products in! so I thought I’d also share with you all what I received!

Lola Hoad Design Card ‘You’re a Keeper’.

Benefit Cosmetics- Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie.

Benefit Cosmetics ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. (This mascara is great, really makes your eyelashes look longer!)

Benefit Cosmetics ‘Bene Balm’- Which is such a lovely tinted balm.

Benefit Cosmetics ‘License to Blot’ Which is an Oil Blotting stick.

and finally My cute little personalised Tweezers (With my nickname Inds).

I’ve tired them all out and I love everything!

So thanks again to Benefit Cosmetics for such a fun event!

Love, India Moon. 


Hello Everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a great week and are ready for the weekend as much as I am! 

I just want to say thank you to whoever you are for taking the time to come look at my blog, it really means a lot!! 

Here is another little spring outfit, which I can’t wait to wear on some sunny evenings! I actually went and tried this outfit on several times, saying to myself ‘you don’t need that, you have no money and you already have two wardrobes full of clothes’… but after trying it on for the fourth time, I just brought it. Lets just say I probably like clothes a little too much.

This beautiful pink suede jacket is from Zara, it feels absolutely amazing! It was pricey and it’s also not on the website anymore…, so I’ve also linked  few similar one from Berskha here- ‘Faux Suede Biker Jacket‘  which is slightly cheaper and just as nice! 

My white flared trousers… I’ve been searching for, for months! Now, my short little leggies don’t usually like flares because my feet end up disappearing, so when I found these and they were slightly shorter, I was like ‘YOU ARE MINE’. These babies are from Berskha- ‘Wide White Trousers’! 
I’m wearing these with my White cropped American Apparel Tee and the amazing new Primark rose detailed bralets, I don’t usually shop in Primark but had to go have a look at these cute little bralets, and was super suprised with how lovely they are, they also fit perfectly! Oh yes.. how can I nearly forget my beautiful Hi-Top Old Skool Pink Vans (The only website I can find them on is HERE!!! I think I almost cried with excitment when I unwrapped these at Christmas! If you haven’t already, go check them out…they have zips at the back too for easy access, which is great if like me it takes you forever to put any type of lace up shoes on! 

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend you lovely bunch! 

Love, India Moon

Similar Jacket: Berskha here- ‘Faux Suede Biker Jacket

Berskha- ‘Wide White Trousers’

Vans- ‘Hi-Top Old Skool Pink Vans’




Hello Lovelies!!

So this weekend the clocks went forward, which means lovely light spring mornings and evenings!! I love this time of year because it means summer is just round the corner, and the sun makes me happy!

A little life update on me at the moment, As life at Uni has been crazy busy, so blogging can’t be number one on my to do list. I think sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and take a minute to just do nothing. I study Digital Film Production in London, so I commute to Uni 3-4 times a week, which I love, (the course I mean, not the commuting) I don’t think you can really love that. I’m basically looking forward to my week off to relax with no trains in sight, and lots of easter chocolate in the sun…thats my plan anyway. I know I’ll probably be knee deep in work, but one can dream…

I’ve decided to do this post about my favourite new spring jacket,  which if you follow me on Instagram you will see I’m slightly obsessed.This ‘Yellow Crop Denim Jacket’ is from Topshop (like most of my wardrobe)! Which is actually a co-ord but unfortunately the skirt sold out super quick so I didn’t manage to get my size! Also if you want a summery yellow jacket check out Missguided, they have some lovely little suede ones which are a great price too!

I’m wearing my Topshop ‘Black Ripped Jamie jeans’, and although it’s getting warmer I couldn’t brace being bare legged just yet! So a ripped knee is the most leg, I’ll be showing for now. I’m also wearing my Misspap ‘Nadia Fishnet Tights’ and my NA-KD ‘Lets get Nakd‘ Tee by the Vanessa Moe collection, which is super soft, I kinda wish I had about six more of these for every day of the week. and YES, I’m one of those people who will re-wear an item of clothing until I buy something else that takes it place. So you may see me in this whole outfit a lot from now on…

and for all you lovely people visiting my blog for the first time, just click the name of the item for the direct link or have a little scroll to the bottom of the page to find all my outfit details there too!

Anyway enough blabbering on, have a wonderful start to all your Easter breaks and hope you all get lots of sun, chocolate bunnies and eggs!!

Love, India Moon. 


‘Topshop Yellow Crop Denim Jacket’.

Topshop ‘Black Ripped Jamie jeans’.

Misspap ‘Nadia Fishnet Tights’.

NA-KD ‘Lets get Nakd‘ Tee.

Hey, all you wonderful people!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and start to the week!!

Two of my favourite brands at the moment are NA-KD and Pretty Little Thing so I thought it would be a good idea to show them some love on my blog, so I put together this little outfit!

For this outfit I decided to wear my NA-KD ‘Lets get Nakd‘ Tee by the Vanessa Moe collection, which is so soft and made from high quality material. If you’ve never shopped from NA-KD you need to and especially check out The Vanessa Moe Collection!! Plus their jewellery is so beautiful too!

On top of the tee I wore my Black Lace Up Backless Dress from Pretty Little Thing which is by far the most worn going-out dress I own at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t find it online anymore but I’ve found an amazing alternative which is a silk version- ‘Sarna Black Tie Back Silky Slip Dress’! I also have this dress the material is lovely and silky, and it’s very flattering!

Of course I paired this outfit my Zara ‘Chain Bag‘ and beautiful ‘Kourtney Black Heeled Boots’ from MissPap! I really can’t get over how comfy they are!

I am wearing this lovely Black Duster Coat from H&M which I also can’t find online anymore…But if your looking for some nice dusters check out Missguided, they do some amazing ones. Heres a link to one of there Long Sleeve Maxi Duster Coats, which is very similar to mine!- ‘Long Sleeve Maxi Duster Coat’. 
For this shoot I was lucky enough to have my beautiful friend Liv, take photographs for me! She’s an amazing videographer, photographer and content creator. She is extremely talented so if you ever need some videos, photographs or content created go check her website and Instagram out!! – https://www.livevanscreative.com | Instagram: LivEvansCreative!

Love, India Moon.

Outfit Details

NA-KD: ‘Lets Get Na-kd’ Basic Tee

Pretty Little Thing: Sarna Black Tie Back Silky Slip Dress

Zara: ‘Chain Bag

MissPap: Kourtney Black Heeled Boots’ 

Missguided- ‘Long Sleeve Maxi Duster Coat’.