Hello, hello! Welcome to my first series of posts with you, IT’S ALL ABOUT DENIM!

My fingers and toes are crossed that you’ll all enjoy these posts!

One of the things that most people know about me is that I spend almost 80% of my week surrounded by denim where I work! So I thought it would be appropriate to do a few posts about jeans! I know that it can be so hard finding the right pair of jeans and shopping for them can be even harder. Most people walk into the denim department thinking ‘HOLY CRAP what a hell of a lot of jeans, were do I even start’… and I know this because I used to spend hours trying on jeans after jeans! But buying jeans from Topshop is made super easy with all the different leg lengths and all the new style guides. So hopefully this helps you with ways you can wear and style your jeans.

I’ll be doing four parts to my jeans posts all about the different styles of Topshop Jeans! So keep an eye on my blog over the next few days…

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I’ll be featuring looks for Topshop’s Mom Jeans, Jamie Jeans and the Hayden Jeans!

Heres a little sneaky peak of whats to come…

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Hello guys! It’s officially been a year since I was travelling in South East Asia and it was one of the most incredible experience’s. I’ve decided to share with you bit by bit all the beautiful places I saw and some little tips and all the must do’s whilst travelling, and I will start by telling you about one of the best days of my life. Whilst I was in Chiang Mai I  was extremely lucky that I got to spend the day with the most beautiful animals ever.


This baby elephant was the sweetest.

I’m sure many of you know some of the disturbing truths about Elephant cruelty thats goes on around the world and that many are exploited by forcing them into a life of walking for hours a day with a horrible chair that digs into their sides. The tourists that sit on their backs are usually unaware about all the cruetly that goes on within this industry. Lets just say I strongly disagree with these beautiful animals being used so that tourists can watch them do tricks, or ride on their backs. One of the hidden truths is that these beautiful creatures have to be tamed to be able to be ridden and this process can be extremely brutal.

Whilst I was in Chiang Mai in Thailand, I knew I wanted to see these amazing animals. I wanted to go to an Elephant Sanctuary, a place where they are cared for and no longer in pain and somewhere I could contribute to support their new lives. After much research, we decided to go to Happy Elephant Home, where we could spend the day with these gentle giants. There were four rescue elephants that had been overridden and abused in the trekking and circus industry. However after years of injuries and abuse, they were finally rescued and brought to this safe place, where they are now able to roam free and play in the nearby river and eat a lot of bananas and sugar cane. 

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I loved being surrounded by such beautiful and gentle animals and I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing they were. We spent the morning listening to the owners tell us their stories about where each of the four elephants and the new little baby one had come from. It was heartbreaking hearing about how awful their past experiences had been. One of the lovely female elephants, Molo, had been in the treking industry and still had wounds that still hadn’t healed even though she had been with Happy Elephant Home for a year and a half, (which you may be able to see in some of the photos). She suffered so many awful cuts which left scars and I felt heartbroken hearing about her story. It was hard to understand how anyone could cause these animals such pain. We spent that afternoon having a mud bath with the elephants, which was great fun and I loved playing in the mud and being completely covered from head to toe with them. I know now how much elephants love to throw mud all over themselves… Lets just say everyone got covered!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon bathing in a cold river with them, splashing them with water and rubbing their backs. I remember, I slipped over at one point, and thought I’d stepped on a snake but Molo had just wrapped her trunk around my leg, which allowed me to not fall.

 It is difficult to put it all into words how amazing it is to be surrounded by them, so if you ever get the chance I seriously recommend going and meeting them. I know one day I’ll be going back.  




















Thank you happy Elephant home for an amazing experience.

If you’d like to book with them heres their website: http://www.happyelephanthome.com

love, India Moon 


Hello lovelies! Welcome to my first ever post!! I’ve been super nervous and excited about sharing my posts with you all, so hopefully you enjoy!

Today’s outfit is one that I’m practically living in at the moment, shot by my favourite little photographer Eden Clifton. This Zara Chain City bag is something that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I started saving up in a jar labelled ‘MY DREAM BAG’ I wanted it that much, so I’m happy it’s finally in my arms. Its by far the best bag I’ve ever had… the great thing is it also fits all my essentials in, as I really am the sort of person that carries my life around in one bag a lot of the time.

I decided to style this with my new suede Taupe jacket from Missguided, with my black Jamie Jeans and Black V neck top from Topshop. I pretty much live in about three colours at the minute, Black, white and Pink so getting this jacket was a great buy as it goes with all three!

If you like suede as much as I do, it’s so worth a good browse on their website at all the colours they have- I’ve already been thinking about treating myself to another. I’m also wearing my Urban Outfitters heeled boots- which I found a few months ago, I thought they might have a huge price tag attached because of how amazing they were, but when I found out they were £40 I had to get them-which isn’t too bad for a beautiful pair of booties. I can’t seem to find these anywhere online anymore, but Topshop and Simmi Shoes both to similar ones which are just as nice!

I’m also wearing here my little summer purchase the good old Quay Aus sunnies, I thought if I wore them the sun might finally come out in Brighton..which luckily it did for my photos!  Quay Australia have also been brought into Topshop in Brighton where I work so it would have been silly of me not to buy them (or so i’ve been telling myself so I don’t feel guilty).

Oh, and one last thing… One of the great things about this outfit is that it can be dressed up and down for day and night too, just by changing the boots to some lace ups heels and you’re ready to go!

Anyway, I’m rambling on, all this blogging is taking me a little bit of getting used to, so feel free to leave me any comments about what you like or dislike about my posts! I also want to just say a massive thank you to all the wonderful people who have supported me and helped me create my first blog, and to whoever may be reading, thank you for taking time to read my posts it, means a lot!

love, India Moon


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